Published on 13 April 2023



There are some products which are successful and that remain in the history. That change the rules of the market and become true icons. Something brilliant.

Like the l’ALU-Dry®, an aluminium exchanger patented by Friulair , which since 2004 has given life to refrigeration dryers series as theACT and later the AMD, today a timeless bestseller among refrigeration dryers: since 2006 it has been present on the markets of all the world and barely finds opponents for its characteristics, perfectly balanced between cost, quality and performance.

The AMD range has been developed starting from the ACT , premium series, maintaining all its main features (all sizes have, in addition to the ALU-Dry ®, electronic controller, fan electronic management and the hot gas by-pass valve), but aligning its performance to the standard market conditions. The four-leaf clover, the symbol for excellence of luck, represents its four fundamental properties:

The high-performance and ultra-compact ALU-Dry®heat exchanger is able to treat incoming compressed air up to 55°C, ensuring one of the lowest pressure drops on the market. Made entirely of aluminium, it ensures coverage of the most varied applications with nominal flow rates from 21 to 1.320 m3 / h (in standard conditions).

It is not necessary to oversize the machine: the dryer – compressor combination is tested and guaranteed by Friulair, within the operating limits indicated in the technical characteristics.

The electronic controller digitally indicates the value of the Dew Point temperature, manages the opening and off time of the condensate drain solenoid valve and manages the condenser fan via sensor. The stainless-steel hot gas by-pass valve guarantees the performance of the dryer even at partial load and prevents the formation of ice in the evaporator. The ALU-Dry® module, with its vertical descending arrangement, ensures the moisture to flow naturally, by gravity, to the condensate drain.

AMD dryers are built by highly recyclable materials.

Originally, according to Friulair’s intentions, AMD was supposed to replace the premium ACT series; contrary to expectations, the ACT continued to be chosen by its customers as a premium series in the market and was therefore joined by the new born AMD.



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