Published on 13 April 2023



The ambient air contains numerous impurities, (mainly solid particles (dust) and water in the form of humidity) which, intaked by the compressor, is then further contaminated by the oil used for the lubrication and cooling of the mechanical parts (where present).

These impurities, in addition to those present in the other components of the compressed air circuit, if not adequately removed, over the time can create considerable damages in production applications / machinery / accessories, clogging components such as control valves or heat-exchangers, with the consequent loss of productivity and necessary plant shutdowns to restore the appropriate working conditions.

The need of its customers to have quality compressed air (classified according to the ISO8573-1:2010 standard in the Particulate, Water, Oil classes) pushed Friulair in 1995, after having consolidated the production of refrigeration dryers to reduce the content of humidity, to develop and introduceits own series of Spin-on filters LF(the only one in the market with disposable filter elements incorporated in their bowl, still in production updated to today’s technological innovation) to remove large quantities of solid particles, oil and condensate from the compressed air. Later, thanks to the engineering of new technical solutions by the internal Research & Development department, the innovative series of FT compressed air filters was lunched in the market.the innovative series of FT compressed air filters was lunched in the market.



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