Published on 13 April 2023



Friulair, with passion and competence that have distinguished it in the market in the last 30 years, offers a wide range of manufactured products, for such different and opposite applications (compressed air and cooling water), taking the experience of one sector to the other, in a continuous exchange of information between our engineers, technicians and our own customers.

In addition, it manages to integrate the different technologies and make them work together to reduce the production costs of the end user; this requires very high technical skills and the sharing of Friulair’s experience with its customers.

Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik GmbH installation

The result of this synergy are the integrated combinations, as in the specific case of this application, which provides for the supply of a complete system made up of:

  1. Water-cooled refrigeration compressed air dryer model ACT360/WC.
  2. Water Chiller model CWE013 for the cooling of the dryer and to treat the air/water aftercoolers for lowering the temperature of the compressed air entering into the dryer
  3. Model CDC dry-cooler to take advantage of the ambient environment for cooling the air compressors and, when the temperatures are lower, automatically switching-off the chiller

There are several advantages of this solution and the main ones are:

  • The dryer works in stable conditions on the water-cooled condenser of the refrigerant circuit, which results in a reduction of the size of the equipment and improves the efficiency and the performance when compared to the equivalent application of an air-cooled model version.
  • The compressed air temperature, cooled by the water, enters the dryer at a lower and constant value which offers a potential additional reduction of the size of the dryer resulting in less capital cost, smaller footprint and lower energy consumption.
  • Starting from a specific ambient temperature, the system switches from water chiller to dry-cooler mode allowing the ambient temperature to cool down the water without using additional electrical power.

Inoltre Furthermore, the installation of the entire compressor room, thanks to the optimization of the overall dimensions and a careful study of the layout, can be done inside a container: a plug&playsolution that minimizes the installation costs of new systems or extensions of existing structures.



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