Published on 13 April 2023



Italy and September: in the very first land for its wines, by the end of September the grape harvest season brings its fruits.
After a long and patient work, the harvested grapes are turned into wine.

Winemaking is complex and requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the chemical-physical skills involved in the stages of the production process; moreover, the various types of wine (red, white and sparkling wine), considerably influence the related management and production process. The duration and intensity of the transformation of the must into wine (i.e. sugar turns into alcohol thanks to the yeasts) greatly depend on the temperature of the must, as well as on the intrinsic properties of the grape. It is therefore essential for the oenologist, on the basis on his own experience, to accurately handle with such temperatures to secure the desired wine characteristics.

Considering the significant role of the temperature control for a high quality product, FRIULAIR has developed a dedicated range of chillers for oenology, based on the great experience from the field alongside both the most important manufacturers of winery systems and the great and renowned wineries throughout Italy. FRIULAIR chillers allow to accurately and easily manage this important process by managing the temperature of the vats (equipped with suitable heat exchangers) with extreme precision. Chillers are not limited to this role: on request, it is possible in fact, to employ the same chiller for summer air conditioning of wine cellar rooms or relevant buildings (tasting room, offices, showroom, restaurant, rooms, etc.) and in heat pump mode also in winter. This way, independently from winemaking, benefits from the chiller come all year long.

Oenological plants for wineries:



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