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passion and quality

During its internationalisation process, Friulair has established a solid network of specialised commercial distribution in all continents. But the company's beating heart and strategic directives have always been in Friuli Venezia Giulia. "The company was founded and grew in Friuli thanks to high-profile local professionals who are unrivalled for their seriousness, ability, commitment and dedication. We have more than 200 employees, with an average age of around 30 and a marked female presence. They are Friulair's real assets, and it is our job to create the conditions to keep them loyal and involve them in the Group's development." Luigi Vaccaro.


flexibility, reliability, support & versatility

The different departments have years of experience and the Company’s products are subjected to strict intermediate and final testing using the latest testing equipment. Our analysis, development and production processes are extremely flexible and allow us to carry out customised applications based on customer specifications. We offer the best advice with a qualified staff ready to find the right solutions.

energy saving

Following the latest developments, we offer products aligned with the market's energy savings needs and search for innovative solutions to optimise electricity consumption and produce cutting edge machines.

Respect for the environment

When developing its production processes, FRIULAIR S.r.l., adopts a Company Policy that places respect for the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability at the centre of its strategies. For some time now, in accordance with the Montreal Protocol, our products have only used high-performance refrigerant gases: R134.a, R407C, R410A. To date, in compliance with the F-GAS regulation on fluorinated gases, Friulair is oriented towards low GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases aimed at reducing atmospheric emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases: R454B and R513A.

Research and Innovation

We invest in research and development (R&D) to guarantee our customers a state-of-the-art product. Combinations of innovative technical solutions, validated by laboratory tests, enable a futuristic development of our products.


industry 4.0 ready

Dryer and chiller models can be integrated into an Industry 4.0 Ready network via a standard RS485 protocol. Dryers: AMD, ACT, ACT-VS, FCT, AMH, AHT, PLH, PCD Chillers: from QBE up to CWV

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