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The two FRIULAIR technical departments operate in their test laboratories and technical offices to develop new technologies applied to compressed air or water treatment. Both technical departments directly develop the design using the most modern 3D CAD software for drawing and various calculation applications for dimensioning and selection of components and materials.

r&d lab dryers

The recently expanded and refurbished Compressed Air Laboratory carries out research with methodologies, design techniques, materials and instrumentation for structural and safety tests and inspections under the most important and stringent international regulations and directives for air treatment plants, pressure systems and tanks. The area is equipped with three blowers with progressive flow rates from 30 to 160 m3, capable of simulating a wide range of conditions for testing machines. Dedicated software and new, purpose-built instrumentation allow continuous data acquisition in fully automatic mode, meeting the most demanding specifications.


r&d lab chillers

In 2018, construction works were completed on the climatic test chamber and the Chillers Research & Development laboratory, where each designed unit is validated through rigorous performance tests, with simulation of real thermal load variations. Tests can be performed according to any customisations requested by customers or special operating conditions. The computerised system allows several operations that enhance units’ efficiency and reliability. Tests for air-cooled machines with cooling capacity up to 600 kW. Air/water and water/water reversible chillers and heat pumps can be tested for air conditioning and process cooling systems. Minimum room temperature +7°C dry bulb / +6°C wet bulb. Maximum room temperature +50°C

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