Industry 4.0 Ready
Made in Italy


Flow rate: 21 ÷ 18 000 m3/h

The ACT PREMIUM range of refrigeration dryers provides high performance and operational continuity even under extreme conditions...

Main features

The ACT PREMIUM range of refrigeration dryers provides high performance and operational continuity even under extreme conditions. The ACT range has low pressure drops due to the ALU-DRY exchanger and is efficient due to the latest generation of compressors. It has a +3°C dew point, which is maintained even when operating conditions change using the three-way stainless steel hot gas by-pass valve. The range is designed to meet the most demanding applications up to a 300 m3/min. flow rate. The range standard electronic controllers are equipped with an RS485 port for connectivity to the company’s management system (INDUSTRY 4.0 ready). Water-cooled version on demand from ACT55. Non-wasteful capacitive drains are standard from ACT180 and optional for lower models.

   Ambient temperature: + 50°C
   Inlet air pressure: 16 barg (ACT3÷18) - 14 barg
   Inlet air temperature: + 70°C

ModelRefrigerantAir flowPower SupplyConnections
.[Type][m3/h][l/min][scfm][Ph/Volt/Fr][ Ø ]
ACT 3R 134.a21350121/230/50-60G 1/2” BSP-F
ACT 5R 134.a33550191/230/50-60G 1/2” BSP-F
ACT 8R 134.a51850301/230/50-60G 1/2” BSP-F
ACT 12R 134.a721 200421/230/50-60G 1/2” BSP-F
ACT 18R 134.a1081 800641/230/50-60G 1” BSP-F
ACT 23R 134.a1382 300811/230/50G 1” BSP-F
ACT 30R 407C1863 1001091/230/50G 1.1/4” BSP-F
ACT 40R 407C2404 0001411/230/50G 1.1/4” BSP-F
ACT 55R 407C3305 5001941/230/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 60R 407C3726 2002191/230/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 80R 407C4868 1002861/230/50G 2” BSP-F
ACT 100R 407C63010 5003711/230/50G 2” BSP-F
ACT 120R 407C75012 5004411/230/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 140R 407C87014 5005121/230/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 160R 407C96016 0005651/230/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 55 3phR 134.a3305 5001943/400/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 60 3phR 134.a3726 2002193/400/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 80 3phR 134.a4868 1002863/400/50G 2” BSP-F
ACT 100 3phR 134.a63010 5003713/400/50G 2” BSP-F
ACT 120 3phR 407C75012 5004413/400/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 140 3phR 407C87014 5005123/400/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 160 3phR 407C96016 0005653/400/50G 2.1/2” BSP-F
ACT 180R 407C1 08018 0006363/400/50DN80 PN16
ACT 210R 407C1 26021 0007423/400/50DN80 PN16
ACT 250R 407C1 50025 0008833/400/50DN80 PN16
ACT 300R 407C1 80030 0001 0603/400/50DN80 PN16
ACT 360R 407C2 20836 8001 3003/400/50DN80 PN16
ACT 400R 407C2 40040 0001 4133/400/50DN100 PN16
ACT 500R 407C3 00050 0001 7663/400/50DN100 PN16
ACT 600R 407C3 60060 0002 1193/400/50DN100 PN16
ACT 720R 407C4 41673 6002 6003/400/50DN100 PN16
ACT 900R 407C5 40090 0003 1783/400/50DN150 PN16
ACT 1100R 407C6 624110 4003 9003/400/50DN150 PN16
ACT 1200R 407C7 200120 0004 2383/400/50DN200 PN16
ACT 1500R 407C8 832147 2005 2003/400/50DN200 PN16
ACT 1800 R 407C10 800180 0006 3563/400/50DN200 PN16
ACT 2200R 407C13 248220 8007 8003/400/50DN200 PN16
ACT 2400R 407C14 400240 0008 4763/400/50DN250 PN16
ACT 3000 R 407C17 664294 40010 4003/400/50DN250 PN16

Data refer to the following nominal condition: ambient temperature + 25 °C; inlet air pressure 7 barg; inlet air temperature +35 °C.



Anti corrosion treatment


Zero loss drain


Water Cooling with plates condenser


Water cooling. Tube bundle condenser


8.000 hours maintenance kit for BK type electronic drain


By-pass group

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