Industry 4.0 Ready
Made in Italy


Flow rate: 19 ÷ 9 060 m3/h

The HDT range is used in situations where a refrigeration dryer dew point is insufficient under ISO 8573.1.

Main features

The HDT range is used in situations where a refrigeration dryer dew point is insufficient under ISO 8573.1. This includes electronics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, pneumatic conveying industries, or in installations with low ambient temperatures. With its cold-regenerated adsorption dryer technology, a dew point down to -70°C can be achieved. These dryers consist of two parallel tanks filled with adsorbent material (molecular sieve): while one column dries the air, the other is regenerated with a small part of the already treated air. Units are equipped with an inlet de-oiling filter and an outlet anti-dust filter. The DDC15 electronic controller (industry 4.0 ready), available on the entire range, provides an intuitive interface for monitoring operation and scheduled maintenance. It manages time-based regeneration cycles (or using optional dew point probe).

   Ambient temperature: + 50°C
   Inlet air pressure: 16 barg (HDT3÷25) / 10.3 barg
   Inlet air temperature: + 50°C

ModelAir flowPower SupplyConnections
 [m3/h][l/min][scfm][Ph/Volt/Fr][ Ø ]
HDT 319320111/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
HDT 532530191/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
HDT 846760271/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
HDT 12721 200421/230/50-60G ½” BSP-F
HDT 181111 850651/230/50-60G ¾” BSP-F
HDT 251502 500881/230/50-60G 1” BSP-F
HDT 301803 0001061/230/50-60G 1” BSP-F
HDT 402343 9001381/230/50-60G 1.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 503005 0001771/230/50-60G 1.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 603726 2002191/230/50-60G 1.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 754507 5002651/230/50-60G 1.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 905409 0003181/230/50-60G 1.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 13076812 8004521/230/50-60G 2” BSP-F
HDT 16097216 2005721/230/50-60G 2” BSP-F
HDT 2001 23020 5007241/230/50-60G 2.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 2501 53025 5009011/230/50-60G 2.1/2” BSP-F
HDT 3001 80030 0001 0601/230/50-60DN80 PN16
HDT 3502 16036 0001 2721/230/50-60DN80 PN16
HDT 4002 52042 0001 4841/230/50-60DN80 PN16
HDT 4502 73645 6001 6111/230/50-60DN100 PN16
HDT 6203 75062 5002 2081/230-240/50-60DN125 PN16
HDT 8004 86081 0002 8621/230-240/50-60DN150 PN16
HDT 10006 120102 0003 6041/230-240/50-60DN150 PN16
HDT 12007 560126 0004 4521/230-240/50-60DN150 PN16
HDT 15009 060151 0005 3361/230-240/50-60DN200 PN16


Data refer to the following nominal condition: inlet air pressure 7 barg; inlet air temperature +35 °C



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