Industry 4.0 Ready
Made in Italy

high pressure refrigeration dryers 45/50 barg

Flow rate: 25 ÷ 6060 m3/h

PLH is the range of refrigeration dryers for medium pressure compressed air applications (e.g., PET bottle production)...

Main features

PLH is the range of refrigeration dryers for medium pressure compressed air applications (e.g., PET bottle production) and is highly robust and efficient. The layout is simple and ergonomic, the components guarantee functionality and efficiency, and an excellent performance due to the dew point stability and limited pressure drop. The units are equipped with a machine management electronic controller (Industry 4.0 ready). Starting from the PLH15 model, the module is a brazed stainless-steel plate with copper alloy that incorporates the air-to-air exchanger and the highly efficient air-coolant exchanger in a single unit. The air connection pipes and condensate separator vessel are made of stainless steel. Starting from the PLH 210 model, the heat exchanger unit boasts the innovative independent module configuration. The air-to-air and air-coolant exchangers consist of two separate stainless-steel plates which, combined with the air piping and external demister condensate separator, form an innovative “exchanger” assembly that offers greater pulsation resistance and a single air circuit path. A stainless-steel demister condensate separator is used for all versions. Water-cooled versions are available on demand.

   Ambient temperature: + 50°C
   Inlet air pressure: 50 barg (PLH 4C÷160) / 45 barg
   Inlet air temperature: + 65°C

ModelRefrigerantAir flowPower SupplyConnections
[Type][m3/h][l/min][scfm][Ph/Volt/Fr][ Ø ]
PLH 4cR 134.a25417151/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
PLH 8cR 134.a45800281/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
PLH 12cR 134.a721 200421/230/50-60G 3/8” BSP-F
PLH15R 134.a901 500531/230/50-60G 3/4” BSP-F
PLH22R 134.a1352 250801/230/50G 3/4” BSP-F
PLH30R 407C1803 0001061/230/50G 3/4” BSP-F
PLH40R 407C2404 0001411/230/50G 3/4” BSP-F
PLH50R 407C3155 2501861/230/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH75R 407C4507 5002651/230/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH100R 407C61510 2503621/230/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH130R 407C81013 5004771/230/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
PLH160R 407C1 00816 8005941/230/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
PLH50 3~R 134.a3155 2501863/400/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH75 3~R 134.a4507 5002653/400/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH100 3~R 134.a61510 2503623/400/50G 1” BSP-F
PLH130 3~R 407C81013 5004773/400/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
PLH160 3~R 407C1 00816 8005943/400/50G 1.1/2” BSP-F
PLH 210R 407C1 26021 0007423/400/50G 2” BSP-F
PLH 270R 407C1 62027 0009543/400/50G 2” BSP-F
PLH 380R 407C2 28038 0001 3433/400/50G 2” BSP-F
PLH 400R 407C2 43040 5001 4313/400/50FL. ANSI 3”
PLH 500R 407C3 03050 5001 7843/400/50FL. ANSI 3”
PLH 660R 407C4 02067 0002 3673/400/50FL. ANSI 3”
PLH 830R 407C5 01083 5002 9503/400/50FL. ANSI 3”
PLH 1000 /WCR 407C6 060101 0003 5693/400/50FL. ANSI 3”

Data refer to the following nominal condition: ambient temperature + 25 °C; inlet air pressure 40 barg; inlet air temperature +35 °C.



Air connections flange ANSI 2”


Electronic controller


Anti corrosion treatment


Zero loss drain


Water Cooling with plates condenser


Water cooling. Tube bundle condenser

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