Flanged Filters For Compressed Air

Flow rate: 1 368 ÷ 24 620 m3/h

The FW filter range is suitable for maxi flow rates with four filtration types to meet air quality requirements, under ISO 8573.1.

Main features

The FW filter range is suitable for maxi flow rates with four filtration types to meet air quality requirements, under ISO 8573.1. The carbon steel body is treated to resist internal and external corrosion; the lower flange, hinged to the body, allows easy replacement of filter elements by a single operator. A differential pressure gauge is supplied as standard on all sizes for easy filter status monitoring. Different cartridge colours identify their filtration degree. Automatic drain as standard (manual on activated carbon Z range).

Main components

Vessel CE marked in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU Directive. ASME Section VIII Div. 1 standard is also available.

Differential pressure gauge and

Condensate drain

Filter body is pre-treated with electrophoretic coating

Lower flange provided with a hinge and handle mechanism

Vessel design conditions:

Pressure: 16 barg

Temperature: + 120°C

Recommended working temperature

1,5 ÷ 65°C with cartridge P (3 micron); S (1 micron); X (0.01 micron)

1,5 ÷ 45°C with cartridge Z (carbon attivo)

ModelCartridgeAir flowConnections
[q .ty x Model][Nl/min][Nm3/h][scfm]IN/OUT [Flange]
FW * 2201 x W* 220228001368806DN80-PN16
FW * 4502 x W* 4504560027361611DN100-PN16
FW * 6803 x W* 6806840041042417DN125-PN16
FW * 9004 x W* 9009120054723223DN150-PN16
FW * 11005 x W*M1111400068404028DN150-PN16
FW * 13006 x W* M1313680082084834DN150-PN16
FW * 15007 x W*M1515960095765640DN200-PN16
FW * 18008 x W* M18182400109446445DN200-PN16
FW * 20009 x W*M20205200123127251DN200-PN16
FW * 220010 x W* M22228000136808057DN200-PN16
FW * 270012 x W* M27273600164169668DN200-PN16
FW * 310014 x W* M313192001915211279DN250-PN16
FW * 360016 x W* M363648002188812890DN250-PN16
FW * 400018 x W* M404104002462414502DN250-PN16

Data refer to the following nominal condition: inlet air temperature +35 °C, inlet air pressure 7 barg.
[*] Filtration grade: P (3 micron); S (1 micron); X (0.01 micron) and Z (carbon attivo).

Filtration GradeAir QualityApplication example
P SERIESFilter capable to separate emulsion and particles down to 3 micronNormally installed on the inlet of dryers. Ideal as pre-filter for on-line filters (series S-X-Z), and for vacuum pumps, pneumatic blowing plants.
S SERIES Filter capable to separate particles down to 1 micron, liquid and oil included. Maximum contents of residual oil 0,1 mg/m 3Normally used on outlet of dryers as X grade pre-filter. Used to prevent the deterioration of the pipes of compressed air plants, for surface treatment, on vacuum pump exhaust, on compressed air motors. and as post-filter for adsorption dryers.
X SERIES 0.01 MICRONOil removing filter capable to separate residual oil and extremely small particles down to 0,01 mg/m3. 3It produces air technical free from oil. Normally used as a pre filter at the entrance of the dryer by absorption and active carbon filters; post filter at the delivery of the frigorific cycle dryers. Also ideal for the protection of the control systems, pneumatic transport, varnishing systems, etc.
Z SERIES Activated carbon
Activated carbon filter for the elimination of oil vapours and odour. It lowers the maximum contents of residual oil to 0,005 mg/m3.3Used in the pharmaceutical industry, for dental applications, in photographic workshops, packaging and galvanic treatments.



Manual condensate drain


Automatic float condensate drain


Automatic timed condensate drain


Automatic timed condensate drain


Zero Loss Drain


High accuracy differential gauge


Differential gauge


Differential gauge with volt free electric contact (cable L.1,80 m)

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