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from 300 to 1200 kW

Friulair CDC range consists of air cooled water heat exchangers equipped with axial fans for outdoors...

Main features

Friulair CDC range consists of air cooled water heat exchangers equipped with axial fans for outdoors installation dedicated to industrial and comfort cooling applications. For industrial applications, dry coolers are suitable for closed circuit cooling of various process fluids like food, power, process and general industries.

CDC dry cooler family working in Free Cooling mode, consists of 11 models with cooling capacities ranging from 300 to 1200 kW.

The Free Coolingunits have to be considered an extension of the CWB-FC range and can be connected in series to units like CWB, CWV or CFT ranges where, due to the big cooling capacity demand, it is necessary to opt for cooling units that are physically combined with the standard chiller.

Significant benefits are brought within the energy saving provided from the use of dry coolers instead of refrigerating compressors:The cooling process in dry coolers in free Cooling mode is significant when the ambient temperature is lower than the coolant requested temperature.

In a world constantly focused onGreen Solutions, CDC dry coolers boast further bnefits as they allow to work in a closed and pressurized hydraulic circuit. Differently from cooling towers, infact, liquid leakage s are avoided and the costs reltaed to a constant water treatment and plant maintenance are reduced.


Frames and cabinet covering materials are made of powder coated (standard RAL 7035) galvanized steel . This makes CDC suitable for outdoors installations outdoors installations and against harsh environments. The hydraulic section is external and easily accessible

Adiabatic cooling mode is available, suitable for tropical installations. It boasts the following features:

  • More cooling capacity in reduced dimensions
  • Lower water consumption than classic cooling towers
  • Energy saving
  • Longer compressor(s) life when combined with a chiller (Free Cooling mode)



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