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from 13 to 140 kW

CWE water chillers are air-cooled with axial fans and consist of 14 basic models with cooling capacities from 13 to 140 kW...

Main features

CWE are water chillers air-cooled with axial fans and consist of 13 basic models with cooling capacities from 13 to 140 kW. They are designed to specifically meet industrial application requirements and provide accurate control of chilled water temperatures with absolute reliability in terms of continuous operation.

All standard units are equipped with:


The particular architecture of the aeraulic section (the fans are confined in a protected volume) allows safely access to the hydraulic section and to the compressor’s housing.

The clear arrangement of the components, the simplicity of the refrigerant and hydraulic circuit and the identified cabled in the electrical system, assist the users normal operating schedule.

Control and/or maintenance operations could be carried out when the machine is operating and in total safety.


As an alternative to R410A, the CEN range is available with eco-friendly R454B refrigerant gas, with low environmental impact and GWP (global warming potential) of 466.


CWE chillers are available, in option, with the innovative HEAT BALANCE variable heat recovery system. The system is self-adaptive, able to satisfy different hot water demands.

Learn more about Heat Balance.

.Cooling CapacitySeasonal energy efficiency rating
CWE 01311.045.14
CWE 02115.985.19
CWE 02619.765.02
CWE 03628.935.05
CWE 04132.075.1
CWE 04635.065.06
CWE 05339.895.01
CWE 06850.645.01
CWE 07552.835.22
CWE 08557.285.12
CWE 10067.35.4
CWE 11077.755.26
CWE 12591.145.31
CWE 14099.325.14

Data referred to: water temp. in/out: 12/7°C – ambient air temp. 35°C
SEPR HT Data are in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 for eco-design requirements.
The complete technical data can be found in the product brochure.

The CWE chiller series is highly configurable:



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    Icona personalizzata

     Potenza frigorifera Efficienza energetica stagionale 
    [kW] SEPR HT 
    CWE 013 11.04 5.14 
    CWE 021 15.98 5.19 
    CWE 026 19.76 5.02 
    CWE 036 28.93 5.05 
    CWE 041 32.07 5.1 
    CWE 046 35.06 5.06 
    CWE 053 39.89 5.01 
    CWE 068 50.64 5.01 
    CWE 075 52.83 5.22 
    CWE 085 57.28 5.12 
    CWE 100 67.3 5.4 
    CWE 110 77.75 5.26 
    CWE 125 91.14 5.31 
    CWE 140 99.32 5.14 

    Dati riferiti a: Temp. acqua ingresso-uscita 12/7°C – Temp. aria: 35°C
    I dati SEPR HT rispondono ai requisiti del Regolamento europeo (UE) 2016/2281 per la progettazione ecocompatibile.
    I dati tecnici completi sono consultabili nella brochure del prodotto.

    La serie di refrigeratori CWE è altamente configurabile:

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