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The innovative NETBITER is a FRIULAIR CHILLERS division ancillary service. It provides valuable remote technical support. It is an industrial gateway designed to provide easy access via the Internet to machines and systems at installation sites. With NETBITER, the service technician monitors the unit’s correct operation in real time, can solve any problems and drastically reduce service costs, or suggest improvements.
Netbiter Features:
Real-time, two-way communication
Plug & Play solution with browser configured by our technical departments
Communication via GSM network with SIM card or using an Ethernet cable 
Statistical analysis using the dashboard 
Notifications by e-mail, SMS or telephone

Netbiter’s main advantages:

Process data and machine/installation alarms always available

Increased efficiency of industrial processes

Drastic reduction in machine downtime (up to -80% in a year)

Improved maintenance services due to predictive assistance (up to -60% of on-site assistance)

Demonstration tests

Cold Demonstration tests (Factory Acceptance Test or Cold Test, depending on requirements) allow our customers to verify and validate project requirements. Because they are carried out according to specific conditions requested in the order, they allow us to verify the consistency between actual and expected performance and the correct unit operation.

Tests are carried out at our facilities, which have specially equipped laboratories and R&D departments, in person and remotely (on-line tests).

During the tests, our laboratory personnel verify the unit real-time performance by displaying the operating parameters and graphs obtained simulating various use conditions. At the end of the test, recorded test results are shared and discussed with the customer.

Replacement unit service

The replacement unit service allows our customers to temporarily have some of our machines (dryers or chillers) at their disposal, to ensure production continuity in cases of replacement, ordinary/extraordinary maintenance or momentary increase in process demands.



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